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International Student Tuition Fees and Accommodation Costs

All prices are in NZ$ and include GST

Tuition Fees   2018
Annual Tuition Fee $15,500.00
(includes Workbooks, ID Card, Locker, Diary and Yearbook)    
Administration Fee – non-refundable $2,000.00
Uniform (estimate) $450.00
Stationery (estimate) $140.00
Medical & Travel Insurance (estimate for 12 months) $575.00
NCEA fees (where applicable) $383.30
Scholarship Entries per subject $102.00
Homestay Accommodation Costs 2018
Homestay Administration Fee $500.00
Designated Caregiver Support $250.00
Homestay Weekly Accommodation Fee $280.00
Additional fee per week for student under 14 years old $20.00
Room holding fee per week if student goes home over Christmas holidays $70.00
                                                                                   (Maximum $600.00)  
The tuition fees do no include costs for:  
Extracurricular activities e.g. badminton, tennis etc  
Bus fares  
School trips and camps  
Materials and resources for some courses e.g. Hospitality, Photography, Food Technology, Materials Technology.   
Graphics calculator required for mathematics - Casio Graphics calculator - FX975GII (approx $150)  

 The Board of Trustees reviews fees annually.