A Bright Light in the Darkness

Have you ever wondered ‘What would it be like to be Catherine McAuley, to walk in her shoes?’. Well, sadly, I can’t promise you that. But the closest I can get is this: ‘A Bright Light in the Darkness’, the beautiful rendition of Catherine McAuley’s life founding the House of Mercy.

Catherine McAuley was the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. Although she never came to New Zealand, her legacy lives on in the lives of her Sisters and all those who uphold the charism of mercy. Catherine McAuley always put the needs of the poor and vulnerable at heart and her life reminds us of this mercy value. As a way of showing us Catherine McAuley’s life, Mrs Fouhy organised The Blue Whale Theatre from Sydney, Australia, to come to Carmel. The play is made for intermediate students, and includes Q&A with Catherine McAuley during the play.

And it wasn’t just us who got to enjoy this spectacular show. We had the honour of hosting Sisters of Mercy who also came to watch the show. We learnt many new things about the treatment of women, the Catholic religion in those days, and so much more. I would definitely recommend this play to anyone, and hope they come back again for us all to enjoy!

Maia O’Callaghan, Year 8
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