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Drama is offered at all levels.

In Years 7-10 emphasis is on building confidence and the development of creative thinking with students working at their own level within groups and encouraged by our ‘community of learners’ approach. Differentiated learning is catered for so that students are able to be extended at a level that they are comfortable.

In Years 11-13 emphasis is on the discipline and skills required in dramatic performance, as well as the development of basic technical knowledge.

Each year level studies a variety of drama genres. In addition, the basic acting techniques of voice, body, movement and use of space are studied at each level, as well as devising and presenting drama.

Years 11-13 present public performances with students take a central role in these productions, directing and often helping to write plays.

Theatrical, musical and dance opportunities are also available outside the classroom with Carmel’s involvement in Stage Challenge, whole school productions and Performance Showcase Evenings.