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Carmel College welcomes International students. Carmel College is one of the top-ranked secondary schools in New Zealand with a reputation for academic excellence. The vast majority of our students continue onto tertiary education either in New Zealand or at top overseas universities.


Places at Carmel College are available at all Year Levels. Wherever possible, please make application online.

Special Character

A Mercy School

Carmel College was founded in 1957 by the Sisters of Mercy to provide education for girls on Auckland's North Shore. The school is set on the edge of Lake Pupuke with excellent facilities and environment in Milford. Carmel College offers every opportunity for girls to obtain a broad, academically challenging education. This education is founded on the gospel values of the Catholic faith, interlaced with cultural and sporting opportunities.

"Mercy and faithfulness have met. Justice and peace have embraced" Psalm 85

Scripture defines and depicts Mercy as 'faithful love', God's primary attribute. To be a person of Mercy is to respond affirmatively to all that is human and to seek the basic potential for good, beauty, truth and love in everyone.

Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, made Mercy visible and present in the unjust socio-economic climate of Nineteenth Century Ireland. She challenged the structures of oppression and the injustice of that society and, in the ensuing one hundred and fifty years, has inspired many thousands of women to follow her example.

At Carmel College, practising Mercy is a call to action, and the choice to be merciful will express itself in peace and justice. Mercy goes hand in hand with self-dignity, respect for the dignity of others and a willingness to promote just social structures which celebrate the dignity of all.

Carmel has an educational commitment to the intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual growth of our students. Through this commitment we have the mission and the means to inform the conscience of our community where economic, religious, sexual and ethnic biases exist.

Our aim is for a young woman to leave Carmel College a fully-developed person of integrity, initiative and caring awareness.

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