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Carmel College welcomes International students. Carmel College is one of the top-ranked secondary schools in New Zealand with a reputation for academic excellence. The vast majority of our students continue onto tertiary education either in New Zealand or at top overseas universities.


Places at Carmel College are available at all Year Levels. Wherever possible, please make application online.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care includes the care of students, staff, the Board of Trustees, families and the members of the school community.

The spirituality, personality and philosophy of the Principal tend to shape the pastoral atmosphere of the school since leadership in this matter is fundamental.

Pastoral care is the particular responsibility of those in leadership positions. However, it also emanates from the attitudes, spirituality, philosophy and personality of all the adults in the school. Everyone in the school community has some responsibility for the pastoral care of others in the community.

Catholic behavioural principles, Catholic Character imperatives and the school’s particular charism need to be specifically expressed in pastoral care policies and documentation, and in the staff handbook.

A great deal that happens in Pastoral Care is not written down, but is a very real part of the process.

Principles of Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a living and dynamic reality that is a reflection of God’s love for us, especially as expressed in the person of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. It is our mission to nurture a dynamic Christian community, which seeks to develop the full human potential of each of its members. Hence, we endeavour to ensure that our Pastoral Care is a practical and tangible expression of our love for the students entrusted in our care. The adults who have specific responsibilities for Pastoral Care are supported by the care and actions of the whole school community.

Pastoral Care at Carmel College is based on the 5 Core Mercy Values:

  • Service 
  • Care of the Poor and Vulnerable 
  • Justice 
  • Compassion 
  • Respect for Human Dignity 

For further information please contact the Principal, Chris Allen



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