Lent Reconciliation

Lent is an important season in the Church year. It is the 6 weeks leading up to Easter when we prepare for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. At Carmel we have been supporting the Caritas Lenten appeal – the Catholic agency for Justice, Peace and development. This year the focus is on supporting the people of South Sudan and the girls have been learning about the difficulties they are facing as a new nation. See the Caritas website for more details – www.caritas.org.nz

As part of our Lenten preparations for Easter, it is customary for Catholics to go to Reconciliation. A few weeks ago we had all Year 10 students take part in Reconciliation as part of their Religious Studies curriculum topic. Next week we will have reconciliation at lunchtime instead of our usual lunchtime mass. Any students or staff are welcome to take this opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation – Thursday 11 April lunchtime in the theatre.

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