Carmel College Parent and Whanau Engagement Plan – 2017

Centred in God, Carmel College educates and inspires young women to be confident, connected Catholic learners for life; committed to excellence and the Mercy values; prepared to challenge and shape the future.
Core Mercy Values:
Te tapu o te tangata - Respect for human dignity
Arohanui - Compassion
Awhinatanga - Service
Tika - Justice
Manaakitanga - Care for others, especially the poor and vulnerable.
Strategic Goal:  
Build and enhance effective relationships and partnerships within Carmel College, Carmel College community and the wider community. 

2017 Annual Goals:  

  1. We engage with our local, alumni and global community to build real world partnerships for students.
  2. We build structures and systems within the school that encourage and support greater opportunities for effective relationships.
This plan is aligned with the 2017-21 Carmel College Charter and Strategic Plan and should be read in conjunction with that document.
There is a weekly Mass every Thursday at 12.45 in the Collene Roche Theatre. All students, staff and parents are welcome to attend.
The PTFA meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the staff room. It provides information and support for parents. This group runs the golf day, the parent daughter breakfast and an annual quiz night for parents and friends.
A sub-group of the PTFA is the ArtFusions Committee which meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6.30pm in the staff room and more frequently as the event draws closer. This group organises and runs our annual fundraiser of an art exhibition. Any profits are returned to the school to upgrade facilities or provide resources to support students and staff.
The Whanau meet at least once a term. This group supports the teacher of Maori, the students learning Te Reo Maori, Maori students, the kapa haka group, speech competitions and other related activities. They also give invaluable information to the school about how we can support their tamariki at and beyond school.
The Fono supports our Pasifika parents and students. They meet to share ideas and learn more about the school and the opportunities available to their daughters.

Outline of what we currently have in place that involves the parent community.

Date/time Event Comment/s
31 January
11.00 am
Welcome for all new students and staff in the gymnasium
Once a term
Whole School Masses
Dedication Mass; Carmel Day; Mercy Day; Thanksgiving
In the gymnasium – invited guests with parents in attendance if room permits
Weekly Mass 
Every Thursday lunch time
Weekly mass with different groups rostered on to organise each week
In the Collene Roche Theatre
Early in new year
Meet the deans and Atawhai teachers
Meet the Y7 teachers (at 6.30pm)
Guest speaker (at 6.30pm)
Opportunity for all parents to be introduced to their daughter’s Atawhai teacher and house dean.
Also opportunity for parents of Y7 to meet their core learning teacher.
1st Tuesday of the month
PTFA meeting / ArtFusions meeting
Meet in staffroom; social events – Parent/teacher breakfast; quiz night; Golf Day.
2nd Monday of the month
CC Board of Trustees meeting
Meet in Boardroom in Administration Building
As scheduled – at least one per term
Community Consultation Evenings
Randomly invited parents to give feedback on a particular area of focus.
Two in T1 and 1 in T4
School camps: 3 whole year level camps per year: Y8, Y10 and Y12
Parents are invited to assist with activities and supervision
All year
Sports’ support: All codes for managers and coaches
Parents are invited to assist with managing and/or coaching our sports teams;
Term 1 and Term 2/3
Parent teacher interviews: Opportunity to meet with classroom teachers twice per year
Face-to-face meetings offered twice per year and, at present, 3 written reports per year.
Throughout the year
Special Character
Stations of the Cross; whole school masses once per term; Sacramental programme
End of year
Prize givings
Senior and Junior academic awards; Sports’ Awards Evening.
Throughout the year
Trips and school activities
Parents are invited to assist in learning programmes by providing additional adult ratios for trips and other school activities.
Term 4
Music Showcase
Concert for friends and family of Carmel College to showcase students’ musical talents
Throughout the year
Guest speakers
When available, guest speakers are invited to come to speak to parents about a range of topics such as Teens and technology; Netsafe; adolescent development.

Proposed format for Community Consultation each year – at least 1 for each of the first 3 terms. 

The purpose is to;
  •     discuss issues with parents,
  •     listen carefully and get an understanding of the others’ perspective,
  •     be able to explain the ‘why’ if that is unclear. 
Prior to the forum:
  •     A group of around 60 parents are formally invited (and usually around 45 -50 attend).
  •     The parents are randomly selected.
  •     All parents get a personal letter inviting them to the Community Consultation.
  •     The forum is from 5.30pm until 6.30pm and is held in the staff room.

At the forum:

  •     Upon arrival, tea and coffee is available.
  •     Tables set up and everyone gets a CC pen (to keep) and a wee pile of Post-Its. Around the room, BIG sheets of paper will be supplied.
  •     Ask husbands and wives to work separately!
  •     There are always the same three questions each forum:
What does Carmel College do well?
What could Carmel College do better?
Are there any burning questions/urban myths you want to discuss?
  •     We ask people to read the questions and write one idea per Post It and stick it on the relevant sheet. If someone else has written what they want to say, just tick.
  •     Then, for each forum, there is a question(s) about things we are working on that are aligned to our Strategic and Annual Goals. 
Everyone has about 20 mins to put their thoughts on paper.
Then for the last 30 - 40 mins, there is discussion about the ‘Burning issues’ and  ‘What we could do better’.
After the forum:
  •     All of the responses are typed up, including responses to questions that have been asked .
  •     The notes are put up on our website for all parents to see.
    Students aren't invited - we would look to hear from them in other ways. This is parents only.

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