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Sports Enhancement Programme


To develop competent athletes to produce stronger teams and better results.


To provide a  programme to enhance Carmel college's sporting credentials through ongoing support and development of a wide variety of athletes in a programme designed to benchmark excellence across multiple sports.


An athlete centred approach through providing education and discipline in an organised training environment.

The Sport NZ Physical Literacy Approach takes a holistic view of the participant that considers their physical; social and emotional; cognitive; and spiritual needs. By understanding that these dimensions influence the needs of every participant, within their specific environments, we can provide physical activity and sport experiences that inspire ongoing participation.

Key Objectives for Years 9-13

  • To have more competitive athletes involved in all sports throughout the school
  • To narrow the gap currently existing from the premiere teams to the next tier of teams, by developing a whole of school sports programme .
  • To have better, stronger ,faster athletes able to compete at senior sports.


$60 for 6 week block in Term 1


Juniors (Year 9 and 10) will start Monday 19 February - March 26  7.10-8.30am

Seniors (Year 11-13) will be Wednesday 7.10 - 8.30am starting February 21 running till the end of Term 1 .

Focus for Term 1 is pre season preparation and introduction to training techniques.

By invitation only.

Key Objectives for Years 7 & 8

  • To work with physical maturation age to focus on developing physical literacy,
  • Fundamentals of the core movements will enhance athlete's ability to compete at a higher level.
  • To build resilience and confidence in a generic athlete environment.


This will run every Wednesday morning in Term 2 2nd May from 7.15-8.30am


$100 for the term including t shirt.


Monday April 30.

Year 7 & 8  register for trials in 2018 HERE  

In the interests of student safety, the organiser may, in exceptional circumstances, make changes to the arrangements set out above.