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Core Mercy Values

Our Core Mercy Value for 2018 is Justice - Tika



We promote justice when we:

Act with integrity.
Respect the rights of others.
Take responsibility for our actions.
Preserve our resources.
Provide quality without extravagance.
Demonstrate fairness in decision-making
Affirm, celebrate and develop the talents and gifts of each person.
Model justice in all aspects of teaching practice.



We show compassion when we:

Act with understanding and sensitivity towards each other.
Work cooperatively with others.
Make ourselves available for others.
Respect and nurture the environment.

Te Tapu O Te Tangata    


We respect human dignity when we:

Respect the sacredness of life.
Care for the whole person.
Demonstrate unity of purpose while recognizing individual differences.
Value each person’s contribution.
Act in a culturally appropriate manner.
Cultivate the potential for excellence in a holistic way.



We provide service when we:

Create an environment of welcome and hospitality.
Promote quality care and excellence in teaching and learning.
Encourage and demonstrate team spirit.
Show openness to constructive criticism and feedback.

Aroha Ki Te Rawa Kore    

Care of the Poor and Vulnerable

We care for the poor and vulnerable when we:

Collaborate with others to share resources.
Create access to educational opportunities.
Listen attentively to identify unmet needs.
Respond in a practical way to those in need.