Proprietor Board

Together, the Directors of Carmel College Auckland Ltd make-up what is more commonly known as, the Proprietor Board.

This Board of Directors was established by Mercy Ministries Ltd to represent the Sisters of Mercy at Carmel.

The Proprietor Board holds responsibility for the policy and planning of the school’s capital works and buildings. The Proprietors are also tasked with supervising, preserving and safe-guarding the Special Character of the school, as provided in the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 and the Integration Agreement for the school.

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CARMEL COLLEGE Master Plan 2015-2030

The current representatives on this Board are:

  • Frances Hague (Chair)
  • Jacqueline Farman
  • Marko Simunac
  • Peter Beckett
  • Sr Rosemary Revell RSM
  • Mr Ian Langley
  • Danica McPhee
  • The Principal, Chris Allen while not a director of the Board, does attend the Board meetings and makes a significant contribution.

Any questions please contact the Secretary to the Proprietor Board, Mrs Deborah Goudie

Phone: 64 9 486 1132 ext:704

Fax: 64 9 486 2286