Certificates and Awards

Students are prepared for the full range of external examinations and certificates.

Internal Certificates

Service Awards:

These are awarded in a range of areas to recognise Service to the College.

In individual subjects, attainment is recognised in the award of certificates.

School Spirit:
In its widest sense, service is recognised in the annual award of certificates. The premier award for the school is the cup for Outstanding School Spirit for a senior student, who is elected annually by students.

Special Awards:

Sister Mary Justine Award:
For overall academic performance in Internal Achievement Standards in school examinations. Funded by the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. This is awarded annually to a student going on to tertiary education who it is felt will make a significance contribution to the community in the future.

The Edmunds Achievement Award:
Donated by the St Vincent de Paul Society. An Award given for Perseverance to a student who has worked extremely hard to achieve academically and who has contributed much to the school through her involvement in a range of activities.

The Nicholas Gordon Award for Endeavour:
Awarded to a student who has demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm in all her undertakings.

The Stephen Tindall Award:
Presented to a student who has enhanced the Mercy Charism at Carmel and who has been a true role model for all students. A student who aspires to excellence.

The Mother Genevieve Performing Arts Cup:
In recognition of contribution to the Performing Arts in Music, Drama, school productions and Stage Challenge.

RSA Community Award:
For Service to the Community

The Margaret Heenan Award:
Awarded to a student for charitable works in the community.

The Rotary Club of Milford Scholarship:
Awarded at the discretion of the Principal

Butler Family Trust Cup:
In recognition of consistent effort throughout the school consistently achieving academically, culturally and socially.

Collene Roche Cup:
For all round excellence, and innovative and committed leadership.

Principal’s Award:
For outstanding service to the school in a wide range of activities.

Proxime Accessit ad:
Runner up to the Dux. This prize is accompanied by a financial award.

Ducem Cup The Dux Award:
For outstanding academic achievement – The Habgood Cup. This is accompanied by a financial award.

External Certificates

Year 13

NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) Level 3 & Scholarship Performance in this examination, at a level specified by the Universities Entrance Board, qualifies a student to matriculate at a NZ University.

Year 12

NCEA Level 2: NZQA accredited courses.

Year 11

NCEA Level 1: Internally assessed and externally examined.