Career Pathways and Gateway Programmes

These programmes offer students the opportunity to explore possible careers through work placements.

Gateway at Year 11, 12 and 13 offers students the opportunity to complete work related Unit Standards.  Students in the Year 12 and 13 programmes attend a work placement one day per week for 10 weeks in either Term 2 or Term 3.

Career Pathways is a vocational programme that is offered alongside the student’s academic subjects.  Therefore, careful planning is required to enable students to manage this extra workload.  The work placements for these students are arranged in the school holidays.

Students are also required to complete a minimum of 20 NZQA credits during the time they are completing either the Gateway or Career Pathways programme.

Both programmes will enable students to get a feel of working in an industry or profession that interests them which, in turn, will help them to make more informed career choices.  Students will not be paid during placement as the focus of a placement is to allow them to gain valuable learning experience and knowledge about how their chosen career works.  All students are expected to show commitment to the programme, meeting the responsibilities and expectations that have been entrusted with them as an ambassador of our school.  They must also meet the expectations of the employer.  Before students are able to go into their work placement, they must prove that they are workplace ready by attending and completing a Health and Safety course.

For further information please contact Mrs Lois Bruce

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