Service Programme

Mercy women see the need and respond with compassion

How Carmel Students Complete Their Service Hours – watch the video

At Carmel College, one of our Core Mercy values is Service.  All students from Year 7-13 are expected to complete community service hours each year.

Carmel College requires students to complete service hours because:

  • Service is central to the Gospel teachings and our core Mercy values.
  • Students will be able to assist people in our community who need help.
  • Students will gain valuable social and leadership skills which will help them in their futures.
  • Many employers set great value on young people who have shown an interest in helping others simply for the sake of it.

In order to receive a service badge and certificate each year, students need to:

  • Complete the required hours with an appropriate service activity.
  • Complete the online service assignment (posted in House Google classroom for each Atawhai group).
  • Fill in the service log chart with evidence of completed service with contact details for checking.
  • Complete the reflection questions.
  • Include photos of yourself completing the service.
  • Submit the assignment into House Google classroom by the due date – House points will only be given for assignments handed in complete and on time.

Hours of service should meet the following criteria:

  • unpaid
  • not for immediate family (chores at home don’t count!)
  • benefit other people
  • in your own time

Required hours of service to meet requirements for service award

  • Year 7 & 8 students – 10 hours
  • Year 9 & 10 students – 15 hours
  • Year 11, 12, 13 students – 20 hours

Service hours and reflection hand in dates:

  • Years 7&8 – beginning of Term 4 – Tuesday 15 October
  • Years 9&10 – beginning of Term 4 – Tuesday 15 October
  • Years 11,12,13 – beginning of Term 3 – Tuesday 23 July

Students can find age appropriate opportunities for service in the Year level Google classrooms throughout the year or they can find their own opportunities.  Students can check if their chosen service activity is acceptable if they are unsure, or ask any other questions related to service by contacting the Service Coordinator via email