Core Mercy Values

Our Core Mercy Value for 2021 is RESPECT  – AUMIHI

Awhinatanga - Service

We provide service when we:
See the need and make a difference.
Give generously of our time to others.
Live the Gospel message.

Tika - Justice

We promote justice when we:
Respect the rights of others.
Take responsibility for our actions.
Work together to ensure equity for all.

Aroha - Compassion

We show compassion when we:
Consider other people.
Act with empathy.
Make ourselves available for others.

Aumihi - Respect

We respect human dignity when we:
Affirm the dignity of each person.
Celebrate the uniqueness of individuals.
Care for Creation.

Manaakitanga - Care

We care for the poor and vulnerable when we:
Create an inclusive environment that welcomes all.
Respond in a practical way to those in need.
Protect the environment.