International Student Enrolment Application

Carmel College is one of the top-ranked secondary schools in New Zealand.  Whether you are looking at coming to Carmel College to further your education or simply to improve your English and enjoy the Kiwi experience, we can provide you with a programme to suit.  

We enrol around 50 international students in a year, so spaces are limited.  We therefore encourage you to submit your application in good time.

Enrolment Procedure

Please complete our ONLINE APPLICATION.  Make sure you have a copy of your passport,  school report (and vaccination certificate and insurance if applicable) to upload with your application.  If you do require a paper application form, please email

When your application has been accessed, we will then arrange an interview.   For students living offshore, we will arrange an interview via a media platform.  The preliminary interview is to give students the opportunity to ask questions and to make sure their level of  English will enable participation in class.    

If your application is approved, you will receive an ‘Offer of Place’ to study at Carmel College.  You will probably be nervous about coming to a new country to study and make friends. We will provide plenty of support to help you settle in, but we encourage you to read our PRE-DEPARTURE INFORMATION BOOKLET before you leave. 

We would also strongly recommend the use of an Education Agent to assist you in the application process.

Approximate age at each year level

 Year Level Age
 Year 7 11
 Year 8 12
 Year 9 13
 Year 10 14
 Year 11 15
 Year 12 16
 Year 13 17/18

Please note: The year level is for those students born in the months April through to December. For students born January to March, they will be included in the next year level. For example, a student who was 12 in January, February or March, would be enrolled in Year 9.

This is a guideline only, and we have the right to place students in classes which are suitable to their ability.

Term Dates 2024

Term 1   Tuesday 30 January to Friday 12 April

Term 2   Monday 29 April to Friday 5 July

Term 3   Monday 22 July to Friday 27 September

Term 4   Monday 14 October to Friday 13 December