Music Tuition

To register online for Music Tuition in 2024 please click HERE.

The Music Department encourages students to widen their horizons by learning a musical instrument or training their voice. The discipline, team spirit and pleasure both given and received are obvious benefits from being involved in musical activities.

Carmel’s musicians are able to take their skills beyond the music lesson and meet together in all manner of music groups from choirs to orchestras and chamber, jazz and Barbershop groups to rock bands. The standard of performance achieved by pupils here is evidence enough that this work is invaluable both educationally and socially.

Tuition is offered in the following instruments: voice, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, guitar, bass guitar and drum kit.

The HOD Music monitors and guarantees standards and any concerns should be directed to him as well as to the teacher concerned.

Group Lessons

Fees are charged at $140.00 per year – fees will be billed to your school account.

Lessons are on a weekly basis during school hours and unattended lessons will be charged for.

It is expected that the student will learn for a full year but in the event that tuition is terminated four weeks’ notice is required. Notification should be sent to the HOD Music and the teacher concerned.

Timetables are posted on the Music Department notice board, students can also check their times on the Music Department Site.


Pupils require their own instruments for their lessons except for double bass and drum kit. The school has a very limited number of orchestral instruments for hire at a fee of $120.00 per year. These include, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, bassoon and flute. Information can be supplied about local firms and their hireage systems for other instruments. Students wishing to hire over the summer school holidays will be charged $40.

Current Music Groups available:

  • Junior Orchestra
  • Carmel College Orchestra
  • Jazz Band
  • Year 7&8 Choir
  • Senior Choir
  • Combined Choir
  • Liturgy Band
  • Chamber Groups

Sign up and rehearsal details will be published early in the new year.

Carmel College Itinerant Music Tuition Staff

Ms Pene Brawn-Douglas – Flute
Mrs Beverley Brocklebank – Oboe, Bassoon, Orchestra
Mr Robert Lovie – Violin, Viola
Mrs Julia Cornfield – Clarinet
Mr Glen Child – Jazz Band, Liturgy Band
Mr Mark Close – Brass
Mr Tony Elmsly – Cello
Mr Robert Howell – Choir Director and Singing
Ms Maya Koster – Guitar
Mr Mark Pinto De Menezes – Drums
Mrs Kate Webber – Singing