Career Education and Guidance at Carmel College develops students’ ideas in programmes from Year 7 through to Year 13.

The Year 7 and 8 focus is on a deeper understanding of oneself and an introductory look at pathways for learning and work.

Our Year 9 students complete research workbooks focusing on specific career interests, whilst at Year 10 there is an emphasis on an understanding of NCEA, linkage of one’s skills, attributes and strengths to subject selection, subject pathways through Years 11 – 13 and goal setting.

At Year 12 camp students look at options beyond secondary school including UE requirements, rank scores, course admission requirements and future career choice pathways. In Term 2 they have a Career Intensive day followed by a 2 day work experience placement.

Year 13 students receive individual guidance through career interviews, career counselling and attend Taster, Star and Experience days, campus visits and career expo evenings.

At Carmel College students can also become involved in Gateway and Career Pathways. These schemes provide opportunities for students to gain work experience in fields they may be considering as a career choice.

For Career information please contact Mrs Lois Bruce

Phone 09 486 1132 x790