Caritas Mass

On Saturday 24 August, a group of Carmel senior students – Carmel Belleza, Prishlisaa Lawerance, Elisabeth Lay, Gabrielle Lobo, Kelly Park, Janine Ramos and Kelsey Tantrawan were invited to attend the Anniversary Mass for Catholic Overseas Aid Committee/Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand in celebration of their 50 years of working for Justice, Peace & Development. The mass allowed these girls the opportunity to stand hand in hand with other sponsors and colleges around New Zealand in celebrating their services towards Caritas.

“Within Caritas and in all our work, we seek to be the hands, ears, eyes and mouth of Christ; formed by his love and heart, we are ready to serve, to forgive and to speak with patience, wisdom, gentleness and perseverance.”

Janine Ramos, Year 13