BOT Member Profiles

Board of Trustee Member Profiles Parent Representative (Chair) Julie Scott At the beginning of 2019 I joined the Carmel BOT after being selected to fill…
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BOT Policies

BOT Policies 01Op – Responsibilities of the Principal Policy 2019 02Op – Curriculum Delivery Policy 2019 03Op – Personnel Policy 2019 04Op – Financial Planning…
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Governance Policies

Governance Policies 01Gov – Board Roles and Responsibilities Policy02Gov – Trustee Code of Conduct Policy03Gov – Trustee Remuneration and Expenses Policy04Gov – Conflict of Interest…
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Proprietor Board

Proprietor Board Together, the Directors of Carmel College Auckland Ltd make-up what is more commonly known as, the Proprietor Board. This Board of Directors was…
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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Becoming a Trustee The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the…
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