Culture Week

This week is our annual week-long celebration of culture and diversity. There will be Atawhai and lunchtime activities aimed at learning new languages, exploring new countries and, of course, giving everyone a chance to share their own culture and traditions.

On Wednesday, there was a lunchtime concert in the Hall, with various cultural performances from all over the world!

Then on Friday, “Culture Day”, be sure to come along to our cultural market on the top courts. Bring some coins as there will be games, crafts and lunchtime stalls from every continent. As Friday is the last day of the week, we want everyone to come dressed in “Around the World” themed mufti. You are welcome to wear the traditional or national clothing of a country/culture you identify with or have learnt about during the week. 

Our aim is to allow everyone within our school to feel comfortable and confident enough to share and express their own ethnic background/identity while learning more about others around them and our great big world!

Janice Sutjiadi & Analise Collis, Heads of Art and Culture