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Parent Information for Roll Out of New Uniform and New Uniform Requirements for 2019

Please click HERE for uniform design concepts.

Please click HERE for details of the roll out of the new uniform.

Please click HERE for indicative pricing list

Information regarding when uniform will be available for purchase will be posted here in due course.
Uniform Shop 
All school uniform (including Sports Uniform) can be purchased from our current supplier, NZ Uniforms’ retail shop in Unit F, 19 Orbit Drive, Albany.
Hours of business are Monday – Friday: 9.00am to 5pm; Saturday: 9.00am to 1pm.
Uniform items can also be ordered online and delivered to your address within 48 hours at www.nzuniform.com
Items purchased elsewhere will not be permitted.

In 2019 the following students must purchase the following new uniform:

  • Year 7 2019 (Blazer / skirt / cardigan/ shirt compulsory and option of short or long sleeve shirt)
  • All new students to the school
  • Year 13 for 2019 the senior Year 12/13 light blue cardigan.

Optional for 2019:

  • Year 12 and 13 students 2019 can buy the new senior Year 12/13 uniform for 2019
  • Shorts for Year 7 or new students to the school
  • Shorts for Year 12/13 if wearing the new uniform.
  • Shorts / rain jacket / scarf for any student who has purchased the new uniform.

Guidelines for Year 13 students in 2019:

  • There is no mixing of old and new uniform e.g. old skirt and new blazer
  • Year 13 can wear either the old uniform or the new uniform
  • Year 13 white shirt (old style). No blue or white polo shirts
  • Year 13 new shirt can only be purchased and worn with the new uniform (blazer and skirt)
  • Compulsory for all Year 13 students to wear the senior Year 12/13 light blue cardigan
Shoes for Year 13
  • Summer – black sandal with a strap around the heel, or a closed toe winter shoe. NO jandal type style.
  • Winter – plain black closed toe shoes or black leather lace ups (NOT Converse or sport type shoes). All winter shoes are to be worn with black stocking (NO socks).

Click here for images of the types of sandals and shoes that have been decided by the student uniform committee as being appropriate. If in doubt about style, please email image to the Principal for clarification BEFORE purchasing.

In discussion with the student uniform committee, it has been agreed that the Year 13 uniform can be worn in conjunction with the following:
1 flat, band type ring
Small studs or earrings, one in each lower ear lobe
Hair to be clear of the face and of a natural colouring
Natural coloured tinted moisturiser or foundation
Clear nail polish (not coloured)
No coloured lipstick or eye makeup
No bracelets on wrists or ankles
No visible piercings or tattoos
No visible necklaces

Old Uniform Requirements for 2019

Years 8 - 11 - for other year levels please see above.

Girls are expected to wear the full uniform at all school occasions.
Grey skirt (to be worn knee length).
Grey blouse.
Maroon school jumper (blue and grey stripe at neck).
Black school shoes compulsory Terms 2 & 3 – leather, non suede, lace-up, plain black laces, thick black sole.
Black ankle socks or opaque black pantyhose.
Black roman sandals or McKinlay sandals optional for Terms 1 & 4.
Black Carmel College hat (Terms 1 & 4) for Years 7&8.
A clean tidy natural appearance is expected whilst students are in uniform including the following;
Small studs or earrings, one in each lower ear lobe
Hair to be of a natural colouring.  Girls must have their hair tied back for health and safety reasons.
Clear nail polish (not coloured)
No bracelets on wrists or ankles
No visible piercings or tattoos
No visible necklaces

PE Uniform:

Black Carmel shorts and maroon Carmel top

Optional extras:

Maroon Carmel College vest
Maroon Carmel College scarf
School hat for Years 9-12
Maroon Carmel College fleece
Black Carmel College jacket
Black trackpants to match jacket for sports use