Hospice Year 11 Service Day

On Tuesday, the Year 11 Carmel College cohort had the opportunity of participating in a fundraising service day for Mercy Hospice. We visited the Mercy Hospice centre in Ponsonby and learnt about their work. We were also given the opportunity to collect donations throughout the city and Ponsonby to support this charitable foundation. Additionally, we were lucky enough to attend lunchtime Mass at the Auckland Cathedral. It was such an amazing privilege to be able to give back to the community, work on our social skills and learn more about the role of Mercy in Hospice and its significance in our society everyday. It was amazing to meet people who were willing to donate and who were personally touched by the Mercy Hospice service. In contrast, it was also great real-life experience being able to practice service despite some indifference from others. Even with the unstable and uncomfortable temperatures, we still enjoyed the day and students described it as: “very educational and inspiring” and a “fun experience that you just didn’t want to stop”.

Reanna Misquitta, Lucia Kim, Francesca Quintos, Janine Orjalo and Shana Singh-Anderson

Hospice Awareness Week

May 18-24: Help us raise awareness of Hospice

Hospice Awareness Week is here! From May 18-24 we’ll be celebrating the services that Hospices provide in their local communities and addressing misconceptions that people may have around Hospice care. 

If you would like to donate money to Hospice here is the link – https://www.mercyhospice.org.nz/donate/