Service Hours Reduction For 2020

Considering the year that is 2020 we have decided to reduce the hours required for getting a Service award and badge this year  – a 2020 only deal.
Year 7 and 8  – 8 hours (down from 10)
Year 9 and 10 – 12 hours (down from 15)
Year 11,12,13 – 15 hours (down from 20)
Students will still need to complete the log and the written reflection that is part of completing the programme.
The extended date for completion and submission is Term 4 Monday 19th Oct (moved from the original end of Term 3 date).
We want everyone to complete the service programme this year and hope that the reduction in hours and the extension of the due date helps you to achieve this.
We can’t change the date and hours on the assignments individually assigned in House google classrooms so please just work within the new requirements outlined above.
We know that some of you have already completed the full hours and you are to be congratulated for that; however, we want to make this as accessible as possible for all to do and we are aware that with the further lockdown period, and the cancellation of some events that you signed up for, that the original full hours will be difficult for everyone to meet.
Any questions please email our service coordinator Angela Garrett