Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week is an annual week organised by Caritas which invites us to reflect and take action on a current social justice issue. This year’s focus was seeking fairness in an unfair world. In our world, which is tainted by unfairness, we are challenged to open our eyes to what is not just and to be inspired to be instruments that bring fairness and justice in our homes, schools, communities and the wider world.

Throughout the week, everyone wore blue ribbons in their hair to represent our unity and support of social justice for all. During Atawhai, students participated in a range of fun and engaging activities such as a photo competition, colouring-in posters and reflection. Each Atawhai class created a piece of bunting to represent a theme of social justice.

Overall, the week was filled with enthusiasm, participation and excitement. Blue ribbons filled the school and students gained more of an understanding on what social justice is all about.

The Young Vinnies Leaders – Christeen Khedhir, Brooke Rutter, Janine Ramos and Therese Coe