Visit the Carmel Study Website

Studying for assessments can be extremely stressful!

Your Heads of Academic (Sonia and Annabel) have listened to your requests and have updated the Carmel College Study website which includes study resources for many subjects, NCEA info, tutoring and a Q&A to answer your questions about NCEA and academics! There are also useful resources for Juniors (Years 7-10) and tutoring is also open to Juniors as well.

During these uncertain times, it is important to take care of your health and wellbeing. Three Year 12 Health students (Sophie Choi, Geraldine De Guzman and Julianna Remigio) have updated the study tips and well being page. These include suggestions to care for your mental/emotional, spiritual, physical and social wellbeing while you study!

You can access the site HERE.

Have fun studying and stay safe!

Sonia Lin, Annabel Rhodes (Year 13), Sophie Choi, Julianna Remigio and Geraldine De Guzman (Year 12)