Year 12 Food Technology CREST Awards

Year 12 Food Technology students have been working in teams to develop new products alongside our mentoring companies Tip Top, Hawkins Watts and Sensient Technologies.
The five teams, consist of
  • ‘Wammy Sammys’ (Dayna Barker, Tracy Pabelic, Abby Santillan and Jaime Ritson)
  • ‘Sweet As’ (Megan Carlton, Kieara Fernandez, Ella Russell and Caitlin Evans)
  • ‘Sundae Sensations’ (Tayla Gordon, Phoebe Simkin and Molly Simkin)
  • ‘Bee Tee’ (Kaitlin Rust, Alannah Wills, Victoria Johnstone and Charlotte Kyme)
  • ‘Flash’ (Grace Stephen and Mary Byrne)
They were assessed this week by 4th Year Massey Food Technology students to ensure the teams will all receive their Silver Team CREST award. Each team developed a product fit for the brief set by their mentoring company and have worked hard at applying the food science knowledge they have gained throughout the year. Products created include a range of botanical iced teas, shareable, dairy-free frozen desserts such as ice cream sandwiches and Kiwiana inspired sorbet bites, South American inspired dessert sauces, and organic, fruit and vegetable flavoured energy drinks .
A big thanks to their industry mentors Sarah Leaky & Mitchell Thompson (Sensient), Elise Waddell (Hawkins Watts), along with Eelaine Yeoh, Rebecca Lock, Jane Dunn and Shirin Haydarzadeh (Tip Top).