Year 9 Softball Tournament

On Thursday, 30 November, the Year 9 Softball Tournament was held at our school on the top field.  A total of six teams participated in the tournament and competed in a series of games throughout the day.  We were fortunate to have Fergus from North Harbour Softball join us as an umpire on one of the fields.

Each PE class had a designated manager who organised their respective players.  The teams showcased their creativity with costumes, and a chant competition took place at the conclusion of the day.  Congratulations to the team from 9Ono for their victory in the final game against 9Wha.  We are proud to have such talented sportswomen among us.

In addition, the team from 9Ono received recognition for having the best costume, while the team from 9Toru were acknowledged for having the best chant.

Well done to all participants for your display of fair play and enthusiasm.