2019 Scholarship Results – 5 Outstanding Scholarships

Congratulations to our 15 students who gained Scholarships in a range of subjects in 2019. Carmel gained a total of 22 Scholarships, 5 of them Outstanding (top 5% in NZ).

These Outstanding Scholarships were two in Chemistry and one each in Biology, Geography and Food Technology.

Josephine Situ gained four Scholarships, two of them Outstanding and Mia Boothroyd gained three Scholarships, two of them Outstanding. Victoria Chen and Angela Lorusso each gained two Scholarships.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to the teachers and the whanau who supported these scholars and their wonderful academic achievements.

Below is the full list of Scholarship recipients.

Boothroyd Mia Chemistry Outstanding Scholarship
Boothroyd Mia Geography Outstanding Scholarship
Ridling Elyse Technology Outstanding Scholarship
Situ Josephine Biology Outstanding Scholarship
Situ Josephine Chemistry Outstanding Scholarship
Boothroyd Mia Physics Scholarship
Chen Victoria Biology Scholarship
Chen Victoria Chemistry Scholarship
Conlon Rebecca Biology Scholarship
George Madelon Health and Physical Education Scholarship
Gilvray Frances Technology Scholarship
Hyde Olivia Technology Scholarship
Lai Bei-jia Technology Scholarship
Lorusso Angela Chemistry Scholarship
Lorusso Angela Technology Scholarship
Lynch Annabel English Scholarship
Nuttney Lauren Technology Scholarship
O’Reilly Niamh Technology Scholarship
Situ Josephine Physics Scholarship
Situ Josephine Calculus Scholarship
Theron Kiara English Scholarship
Turner Avery Technology Scholarship