2023 AIMS Games Wrap-Up

The biggest Carmel group in attendance since 2014 with 5 teams and 18 individual competitors.

Our Carmel students are incredibly lucky to have the backing of a large sporting community behind them to get them out competing at this National event, so we say THANK YOU to all the coaches, managers, van drivers, sideline supporters, meal/baking makers, laundry doers, match timers and scorers who make this experience possible.

The memories and enjoyment from this week is priceless and congratulations to every single competitor who put themselves out there each day.

Special mention to:

  • Alayna Wright Rawle – 2nd place in Gymnastics
  • Gia Castro – 4th place in Gymnastics
  • Yila van Loggerenberg – 4th place in Squash
  • Elliott Hou – 5th place in Mountain Biking Cross Country and 7th place in Enduro
  • Sophie Davidson – 14th Place in Canoe Slalom and 11th in Canoe Racing
  • Aurora Edhouse – awarded the Sailing Fairplay medal