A Weekend Celebrating All Things Shakespeare

Friday 5 April and Saturday 6 April saw a variety of schools take part in the Annual Auckland North SGCNZ, University of Otago, Sheilah Winn, Shakespeare Festival.  This event was one of many held across the country.  A range of schools took part and showed their support for the works of William Shakespeare.

Students performed either a 5 minute or a 15 minute excerpt.  An enthusiastic group of Year 10 Carmel College students represented Carmel: Dulcie Boulle, Petra Jacobs, Olive Lim, Isla McDougall, Charlotte McKewen, Zoe Mena, Sadie Walsh, Caroline Wang, Nakisha Wood and Vivienne Wright.  Inspired by a Shakespearean play studied in English, these young women performed a 15 minute excerpt from Romeo and Juliet – Act 3, scene 1.  Judges, Peter Eliot and Allan Roberts, were thoroughly impressed and enjoyed the twists and turns that young directors had added to their composition. The up-and-coming thespians and directors, Vivienne Wright and Petra Jacobs, received a special mention from the directors.  Both judges were impressed by how well the scene flowed and told a story that captured the hearts of the audience.

For the dedication and hard work put into this production, the girls were granted a voucher to go towards the opportunity to have the New Zealand Combat School visit Carmel College.