Activity Week for Years 7&8

Last week Year 7&8 students had an amazing Activity week where they got to experience creativity and collaboration with others through fun experiences. 

Monday, the students moved around in their classes and participated in a variety of games and challenges. 

Tuesday, was full of arts and crafts activities which the students chose the week before.

Wednesday, the Year 7’s were allocated three different workshops to participate in and Year 8 had their Retreat day.  

Thursday, we got to discover the smart minds of our fellow House and Atawhai students.  Six different challenges were set, each one more fun and creative than the last.  We connected with Year 8 students and we learned different life skills.

Friday, was the Carmel Quest!  In teams we had a themed dress up and the teachers had set up challenges all around the school.  A great way to finish the term while meeting other students and our future teachers.

Charlotte Moore &  Stella Portella, Year 7