“Adopt a Park” Service Activity

On Monday 16 August, just before lockdown, 12 girls from Year 7 and 8 planted trees for the “Adopt a Park” club in Sylvan Park, Milford. We were worried that we might not be able to go as it was pouring with rain the day before and also that morning. It did shower a little bit as we walked to the park with Mrs Body.

We met with Anna, the Park Ranger.  We put on our gloves, grabbed our shovels and got straight into planting.

Everyone worked very hard digging out the soil and pulling the weeds before we were able to plant the new grasses.

We did get quite dirty but we all had loads of fun!  Apart from that, the most important thing is that in just 1½ hours we planted around 120 trees, which was definitely an accomplishment!

Madeline Susanto, Year 8