After School Drama Classes

Tim Bray Youth Theatre is running after-school drama classes for neurodiverse students aged 5–16 year olds on the North Shore. These classes are fun and engaging and proving beneficial to those attending.

Extraordinarily Creative drama classes continue in Term 3!


14-16 Years // Wednesdays 5pm
11-13 Years // Wednesdays 4pm
8-10 Years // Tuesdays 5pm
5-7 Years // Tuesdays 4pm

Classes are held at Meadowood Community House, on the North Shore.

Limited spaces available. Extraordinarily Creative classes are kept small to support students needs.

Extraordinarily Creative  drama classes  are  specially created  for  children and teens with ASD and neurodiversities to find their own voice and place.  A  weekly  class that embraces students’ exceptional brains and energy to validate and enhance the way they see and experience the world. For more information please visit our website.

“The drama class has been the BEST thing I have ever signed my son up for. The enthusiasm with which he goes and then the beaming smile afterwards is priceless. I think he just finds joy and comfort being with like-minded peers, not having to ‘mask’ in class and just being totally himself. I would sign him up for the next 10 years if I could.”
— Monica C., Parent

“The teachers are amazing, supportive, genuine and caring. We  absolutely recommend the classes and would love to thank everyone involved for the way they have welcomed and encouraged my son.”
— Caprice S., Parent

Our tutors have been trained by Children’s Autism Foundation to fully understand neurodiversity and are equipped with strategies and tools to best support ASD/ADHD or neurodiverse children and young people in class.  They support the frustration and satisfaction that is experienced through the group games and activities resting in the knowledge that every class is a new opportunity to develop skills, to re-engage with a group that accepts everyone’s authentic self and where everyone can share their individual quirks, talents and abilities. Our tutors practice flexibility and radical acceptance and are humbled by their amazing students – Extraordinarily Creative equals Extraordinarily Rewarding!