Can You Help Our Garden Grow?

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming service project that promises to enrich the learning experiences of students here at Carmel.  Some of our students are embarking on a garden project aimed at revitalising our old vegetable garden right here at school.  This endeavour is not only educational but also serves as a fantastic opportunity for community involvement and service.

Throughout this project, the students will delve into the world of gardening, learning essential skills such as planting seeds, garden maintenance and sustainable practices.  They will witness first hand the magic of growth and the importance of nurturing living things.  Additionally, they will explore the benefits of gardening for physical and mental well-being, aligning perfectly with our Carmel values of manaakitanga (care).

To make this project a success, we are seeking donations from our generous community.  We require various items to kick start our garden project, including seeds, seed trays, troughs, spades, potting mix, weed mat, a worm bin, compost bin, gloves, masks, watering cans, jiffy pots and any other gardening supplies you may have spare lying around.

If you are interested in supporting this exciting initiative, please email  Your contributions, whether big or small, will make a significant difference in the success of this project and the learning experiences of our students.