Cans 4 Christmas

This will be our first food collection for 2020 and we know that due to COVID19 even more people are struggling so please be very generous.
This collection is specifically for cans – any kind of food that comes in a can – so that makes it very simple
There are over 1000 of us here at Carmel including staff and students so if everyone could bring in 3 cans per person that would be amazing  – aiming for a total of 3,000 cans (that means 500 per house!)
In doing this, Carmel will be helping to restock the food banks of St Vincent de Paul as they start preparing for the holiday season, which will be even harder than usual for many families who live on very tight budgets.
What to bring? cans of food – any kind
Where to drop them off? collected in house groups – your House leaders will give you more details about where to bring your cans
When? start now  – the final day will be Thursday 17 Sept (week 9)
Why? to support St Vincent de Paul society (and earn house points)