Caritas Challenge

Last Friday, over 60 girls participated in our annual Caritas Challenge held at Carmel College.  This year, our focus was on raising awareness and support for Fiji, a country grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters and the ongoing battle against Covid-19.  We were lucky enough to have Justine Delport come in from Caritas to join us as well. 

We kicked off with a complimentary afternoon tea and an introductory slideshow that underlined the difficulties faced by Fiji today.  This was further highlighted in the rotational activities/workshops shortly after, which provided more valuable insights into the current situation in Fiji.

This was a fun, jam packed night.  Students got to partake in a food rationing and water transport activity that vividly demonstrated the impacts of cyclones on the food and water supply in Fiji. Additionally, there was a fun-filled arts and crafts activity in the dark, simulating the experience of working during power outages. 

Thanks to all the students and staff who made this night possible.  Justine was very impressed, saying that it was the “most engaging Caritas Challenge she has ever seen”.  Can’t wait to see you all next year! 

Deziray Spinka, Year 12