Caritas Visits Year 11

As a Year 11 Religious Education student, and even as a young Catholic woman, it was a great opportunity to have Justine Delport come and speak to us about the life-giving charity work the Catholic aid organisation, Caritas, does around the world.  Justine gave a riveting and educational talk, covering topics such as, “Caritas 101 ”, or as she liked to call it, “An introduction to Caritas”.

Amongst the many other topics Justine covered, a favourite for me was the Catholic Social Teaching principles that guide Caritas in their mission of love in action.  Her insight into how these Catholic Social Teachings were not only principles for Caritas, but also directed how they carried out their charitable works was truly interesting.  It was a helping hand for me in understanding the relationship between our current Religious Education topic of Morality, Conscience, and Values and Catholic Social Teachings.  As well as many others, I am truly grateful that Justine was able to sacrifice her time to allow us an insight into Caritas’ charitable works. 

Lily Dwyer, Year 11