Carmel College Toughest Girls School at Tough Guy/Tough Gal

We had some awesome participation in the Tough Guy/Tough Gal Mud Run event today with our Year 12 and 13 PE students. Some amazing successes all around.
Our most significant success was claiming the title of ‘Toughest Girls School’ for the event!
The following students made the top 20 females, out of 444 female competitors.
  • Estelle Davidson 2nd
  • Scarlet Deen 5th
  • Lucy White 13th
  • Anna Sluyter 14th
  • Macey Franich 16th
  • Grace Smith 19th

It was a fantastic day and we were really proud of what the students accomplished and how much they embraced the opportunity.

Pictured above are Estelle, Scarlet and Lucy