Carmel Student Features in KPA Battle Squad

Year 12 student, Roseline Son, features in new dance show KPA Battle Squad.   Roseline has featured in a previous show made by Greenstone TV called K-Pop Academy which KPA Battle Squad is a spinoff.  In both shows Roseline also demonstrated strong leadership skills as well as being a strong dancer. 

KPA Battle Squad features kids aged 7 to 17 who do street dance styles and compete in Dance Battles.

KPA Battle Squad launches on 26 June on TVNZ2 at 3.30pm and then streams on TVNZ+  

KPA Battle Squad consists of 8 x 15 minute episodes and 8 x 5 minute tutorials/Lessons which enable kids to learn the dance styles and practice, something interactive to do over the school holidays perhaps.  The tutorials are presented by our KPA mentors who are some of the best street dancers in New Zealand, and include a couple of world champions, with KPA kids to help demonstrate.

Here’s the Facebook link showing promos-