Community Assistance Donation

Currently, there are families in our community that are experiencing considerable stress and financial pressure from Covid-19.

We know that there will be families in our community who are under considerable financial pressure due to COVID-19 lockdowns and changes in employment. Please be assured that we are here to support all families to be able to continue their daughter’s education at Carmel. If your financial situation has changed, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Lorna Bryce for a confidential conversation about arrangement to manage your payments.

We also know that we have a very generous Carmel community that is always there to support others in need. We have set up a Carmel Community Assistance Donation scheme whereby we invite families and others to make voluntary contributions to help families in need.

Your contribution will allow us to further support families in our school community.

These contributions are eligible for a tax rebate. Please contact with details of the donation so we can issue you with a receipt at the end of the Financial Year.

Donations of $25, $50, $100, $250, or other, can be made in the following ways:

1. Online Monitor (formerly Carmel Shop)

Donations can be made using the online Monitor – click HERE to donate now

2. Credit Card donations over the phone

Credit card donations can be made over the phone by calling us on 09 4861132 between 9am–3pm, Monday–Friday.

3. Bank Transfer

You can transfer money directly to Carmel College through your bank to:

Account name: Carmel College
Account number: 12-3119-0051538-00

Please include your name and Carmel Community Donation as a reference [CC Donation].  Then contact with further details of the donation so we can issue you with a receipt at the end of the Financial Year.

4. Cash

The easiest way to make a cash donation is to drop it into Reception at the school office.

The Community Assistance Donation scheme will be professionally managed by Carmel College and its accounts externally audited. Families receiving support will be prioritised by the Principal, Pastoral Care Team and Business Manager.