Community Service in Action at St Leo’s

St Leo’s school hosted a high tea fundraising event on 1st and 2nd May.  Four students from Carmel College: Molly Claxton, Isla Gillies, Francesca Lockyer, Chloe Mikkelsen and Gigi Albrecht (ex St Leo’s students) worked alongside the organising team setting up the tables, assembling the goodie bags, decorating the venue, plating up the cake stands, serving the afternoon tea and then clearing it all away.

We learnt that community service is an amazing thing that is special to Carmel.  It teaches us to help others and to help out in the community.  We loved this experience and the opportunity to meet the parents and parishioners of the St Leo’s community and we also had a chance to listen to Mariama Kamo speak.

Molly Claxton and Chloe Mikkelsen, Year 9