Congratulations To All Our 2019 Senior Prize Winners

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The following are the Special Awards given out at Prizegiving this week;

Gabrielle Lobo Stephen Tindall Award for enhancing the Mercy Charism at Carmel and the Sr Mary Justine Bursary for all round academic potential and contribution to school life and community
Janine Ramos Outstanding School Spirit and Margaret Heenan Award to recognise contribution to charitable works in the community and PTFA Award for recognition of her contribution to the wider Charism of the school
Kiara Theron Collene Roche Cup for all round excellence, participation in all facets of school life as well as maintaining an excellent GPA and the Edmunds Achievement Award for perseverance and making a significant contribution to service within the school and the wider community
Maggie Faulkner Year 13 Deans Award for participation in all aspects of school life since Year 7
Mia Jones and Hannah Gulley Butler Family Trust Cup in recognition of consistent effort, a positive attitude and being role models to their fellow students
Akenese Vagana Taki Lelei Award for good leadership to our Pasifika students
Sophie Mahuru Tū Rangatira Award for good leadership to our Maori students
Mia Boothroyd Proxime Accessit ad Ducem Cup
Krizel Pineda Nicholas Gordon Award for Endeavour and demonstrating commitment in all her undertakings
Josephine Situ Habgood Cup for Dux
Rebecca Conlon Principal’s Award for a student who is incredibly determined, self-motived and conscientious
Elyse Ridling RSA Community Award to recognise commitment and leadership within the school and wider community
Tayla Dalton Outstanding Achievement Award


Top Scholars

Ball Ashley Top Scholar in Accounting
Bautista Marianne Top Scholar in Hospitality
Boothroyd Mia Top Scholar in Economics
Boothroyd Mia Top Scholar in Geography
Boothroyd Mia Top Scholar in Mathematics with Calculus
Boothroyd Mia Top Scholar in Physics
Cunniffe Juliet Top Scholar in Classical Studies
Davidson Estelle Top Scholar in Physical Education
Fishlock Amy Top Scholar in Visual English
Lai Rebecca Top Scholar in Digital Technologies
Lai Rebecca Top Scholar in Mathematics with Statistics
Lock Heather Top Scholar in Food Technology
Lorusso Angela Top Scholar in Religious Education
Maric Elise Top Scholar in Tourism
McCarthy-Joseph Kiera Top Scholar in Drama
Shaji Sherin Top Scholar in Material Technology
Situ Josephine Top Scholar in Biology
Situ Josephine Top Scholar in Chemistry
Situ Josephine Top Scholar in English
Situ Josephine Top Scholar in Mathematics with Calculus
Situ Josephine Top Scholar in Physics
Theron Kiara Top Scholar in History
Turner Avery Top Scholar in Photography


University Scholarship Recipients

University of Auckland

Top Achiever Scholarship

Schevon Lopes

Bronwyn Jones

Josephine Situ

Pacific Academic Excellence Scholarship

Akenese Vagana

Maori Academic Excellence Scholarship

Brooke Rutter

Edward Connolly Faculty of Engineering Entry Level Undergraduate Scholarship

Angela Lorusso


University of Otago

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Rebecca Conlon

Leaders of Tomorrow High Distinction Level

Victoria Chen

Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship

Lily Bosley

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Annabel Lynch

New Frontiers Scholarship

Macy Jensen

Opal Jensen

New Frontiers Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Elyse Ridling

Donna Rose McKay Scholarship

Danielle Filipchich


University of Victoria

Tangiwai Scholarship

Samara Blackwell

Jorgia Bult

Juliet Cunniffe

Maggie Faulkner

Hannah Mace

Holly Mason

Janine Ramos

These students have accepted full-ride sports scholarships, covering all costs during their 4 year tenure, to the following American Universities.

Andie Quirke                                Iowa State University

Heather Lock                                Salem University, West Virginia

Lara McNaughten                       George Washington University

Tayla Dalton                                 St Mary’s College, California