Creative Arts Culture Competition

We are calling all young artists, poets, writers, photographers and more to submit a form of art !  Once we are back at school we hope to display and share your art with the school, which may be digitally too especially if we are still in lockdown.  Create a piece of your original art.

Forms of entry include:

  • Visual artwork: painting, drawing and digital art etc.
  • Creative writing: poetry, short story, song writing etc.
  • Photography or film: video or short film (dance, drama performance, music – no longer than 5 min) etc.

There is a theme which your art should represent.  What does one of the following or more mean to you?

  • Identity
  • Culture
  • Family/Community

There will be prizes up for grabs for the top submissions !

This form HERE closes on 13 September at 5.00pm and we will no longer be accepting entries after this.

(We do however understand that both Covid and school commitments are moving targets currently and so this date is subject to change).

If you have any questions uploading your art please email Amy and Dina (13036 and 3063)

We can’t wait to see your creativity!

Dina Aziz and Amy Usherwood, Heads of Arts and Culture