CREST Challenge – Food Technology

On Monday 23 September, three groups of  Year 12 students went to Massey University to represent Carmel College at the 2019 NZIFST/CREST competition. This competition is a part of the Level 2 NCEA curriculum for Food Technology. All year, we have been working to develop new products alongside our mentoring companies, Tasti and and all of our hard work has finally come to fruition. These three groups are ‘The Edgy Veges’ ‘Chickpea Chicks’ and ‘Mod Pods’ which consisted of, Charlotte Bedford, Georgia Dinley, Robyn Spark and Laine Webster, Natalia Bell, Caitlin Harrod, Charlotte Marsh and Tayla Poole, Lorna Breen, Mikaela Vivian and Chloe Wright. All three of these groups have successfully passed the CREST challenge, thanks to their hard work and the support of our sponsors, Axieo, Hawkins Watts, ADM and, alongside the assistance from our ambassadors, Juliet, Lanu and Pip. A big thanks to these ambassadors and sponsors as well as our teacher Sandy Goonan, who has worked tirelessly to aid us through the process all year along with Mrs Moran, Mrs Bullock and the rest of the staff and students at Carmel College.

Charlotte Bedford, Year 12