Culture Week

Last week we celebrated Culture Week. Each day we had different activities to highlight different cultures and their individual aspects. For example, throughout lunchtimes we had a Chinese traditional tea ceremony and a Chinese yo-yo ball performance as well as a k-pop dance session to show the versatility of Asian culture. We also had many small Atawhai activities including quizzes and origami.

The highlights of the week included the amazing Culture Concert where we saw many amazing performances from various different countries including Ecuador, the Philippines and Korea. On Thursday we celebrated Mass with Justine House with an emphasis on cultural prayers and songs, the Pasifika choir doing an amazing job singing us out. Finally, we ended the week in the best way possible, with our Culture Festival, featuring many amazing food stalls and a mufti day for everyone to come dressed in their traditional wear. Food stalls included Chinese handmade dumplings and bubble tea, Filipino and Middle Eastern sweets, Indonesian Satay and many more. A huge thank you to all staff and students who helped make this possible.

Siena Seeto and Rosa Garcia, Heads of Arts and Culture