Curriculum and Learning Highlights – Social Sciences

Social Sciences have a busy term as Winter rolls along.

Social Studies

Year 9 are looking at Human Rights across the world. The girls have choices about what aspect of Human Rights they are interested in to focus on.

Year 10 we are looking at New Zealand history – important events that have shaped our ideas of ourselves. 


The Year 13 are looking at another revolution that has the same recipe for social change – when Absolute Power causes absolute exploitation, but this time a democracy will not emerge from the crisis.

Year 12 are looking at another conflict – the Palestine Israel conflict.

We have some exciting times ahead in History with Year 11 looking at the French Revolution.


Year 13s are off on a trip to Muriwai this term to study the coastline for their external exam topic.

In Year 11 they are looking at the geography of shopping – how town planning and commerce link.


We have an interesting term, suitably wintery, with a study of sustainable tourism and a focus on Snow Planet as a business. We have mock exams for the seniors later this term so the countdown begins!