De Paul House Continue To Support Families

During this lockdown period, it has been a massive job for De Paul House to continue to support all their families. Carmel College was hoping to organise a drive for food and essential items before the end of the Term, but Level 3 has not allowed this to happen.

In place of this drive, we are asking our Carmel community to consider a financial donation to De Paul House to allow them to bulk buy what their families need.  They would be grateful for any donations – details as follows:

De Paul House   02 0278 0059429 02

Please complete the “particulars field” on the internet payment with Carmel, so that they know to allocate it to the purchase of food etc.

Should any donors require a donations receipt, please email with the date and amount of payment, name and email or postal address.

With gratitude, Carmel College and De Paul House