“Drama Gone Viral”

“Drama Gone Viral” by the Go Theatre Physical Company, was performed on Monday, 4 July to the Year 7&8 students in the school theatre. It was an exciting and thrilling comedy-adventure entwined with a science and history lesson about germs and vaccines. The performance used many different drama conventions such as slow motion, freeze frame, fast motion, spoken thoughts and narration, in incredible ways, to take us back in time. These, along with the costumes and acting made it such an effective and powerful performance!

The story was about a young girl, Jesse, who had to perform a solo drama show for her class but being stuck in lockdown provided difficulties. To complete her assignment, Jesse reached out for help to her theatre loving aunt who is now in their bubble. As a helpful device, her aunt gave her a time machine but Jesse comes into some trouble when she is teleported into multiple eras without any knowledge of how to get back. She meets many famous people and is sent into lots of tragic events on her journey. Her final obstacle is to figure out how to get back to 2021 where her solo drama show will take place.

Jessie Wescott & Keira Cocks, Year 8