Drama offers many opportunities for students including Theatresports, the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival, Year Level Drama performances, trips to see live theatre and of course the in-class lessons that are available for years 10-13 including Scholarship Drama.

Year Level Productions 2019

Year 11

Drama at Carmel College for Year 11s was an exciting and busy year. As soon as we had finished our first internal on Greek Theatre, we immediately went straight into our live performance play, starting our research and production at the beginning of Term 2. The Shakespearean play we performed this year was Twelfth Night, a classic and adored comedy. This comedic play not only created laughter and smiles from the audience that came to watch us over 4 nights but also served the purpose of showing the audience a few messages of love and the importance of your relationships with other people. Our countless rehearsals on weekends and after hours spent memorizing all paid off in the end. This drama production of Twelfth Night has not only taught as about the subject drama, but also created great memories that will last for a lifetime.
Sophie Catlin and Hannah Houlbrooke

Year 12

Year 12 Drama students had a really exciting year which started with scene excerpts from the established New Zealand playwright Jean Betts. Our first internal was the analysis and performance of Revenge of the Amazons, a modern twist on the much-loved Shakespeare classic, The Midsummer Night’s dream. This allowed us to engage in the text and see this traditional story from a new perspective. Next was an exciting opportunity for some Year 12 students as the Year 13 show Black Coffee kicked off! After the excitement of the Year 13 show settled, it was straight into writing our own murder mystery scripts. Our ideas which we had put on paper truly came to life on stage, and so it was a chance for us to perform skits that other students in the class had written.
Following on from this was the Year 11 drama show Twelfth Night, which some more Year 12 Drama girls were lucky enough to be a part of. We also studied Sophocles, the classic playwright from the fifth century, and presented a discussion about two of his iconic plays, Antigone and Oedipus Rex.
This year of Drama was anything but boring!
Charlotte Regtien

Year 13

Year 13 drama started off with intense preparation for our annual show. This year we had chosen ‘Black Coffee’ by Agatha Christie. Tireless hours were spent painting and designing our set, organising costumes and props, learning lines, and of course, endless rehearsal hours. Show week was full of laughter and tears, both happy and sad, as we performed our hearts out in our last ever school show. Next, we were given the opportunity to script our own one act plays, around the theme of a murder mystery. Then, using all the skills we had learned so far, we performed an excerpt from Caryl Churchill’s ‘Top Girls’. This allowed us to explore a specific scene in depth as we examined the characters. This was an intense exercise saved especially for Year 13 as the scene was written by a prominent feminist author for a mature audience. This was a great way to finish off our acting year. Finally – for the last time ever – we analysed Greek Theatre, specifically Antigone, for our end of year externals. We extended our knowledge about society at the time which interests all of us immensely. We’re going to miss every aspect of drama but we look forward to using the life skills learned in our futures.
Christeen Khedhir and Maggie Faulkner