Service Programme

Service Programme “I will show you my faith by my works” (James 2:18) At Carmel College, one of our Core Mercy values is Service. In…
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Sports Information

Sports Information Sporting Achievements During the course of the year there are a number of occasions where the school recognises the sporting achievements of its…
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Sports Awards

Sports Awards 2018 Supreme Awards   Senior Sportswoman of the Year Tayla Dalton Junior Sportswoman of the Year Ava Fitzgerald Y7/8 Sportswoman of the Year…
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Sports Uniform

Sports Uniform Teams must all be in the same current sports uniform and outerwear. This includes travelling to and from games and formal team events…
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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education A wide range of activities beyond the classroom is offered. All of these may be seen as extension opportunities. Some form part of…
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Clubs and Groups Girls are encouraged to participate in clubs and groups as part of their all-round education and to develop their leisure-time use. The following…
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Music Tuition

Music Tuition To register online for Music Tuition in 2019 please click HERE. The Music Department encourages students to widen their horizons by learning a musical…
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Co-Curricular at Carmel

Co-curricular at Carmel At Carmel College we encourage our students to not only excel academically but to participate in the many different sporting, cultural and…
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Sports Codes

Welcome to Sport at Carmel College Carmel College is privileged to have many talented young sports women across all year levels and a variety of…
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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Please click HERE to meet our 2019 Student Leaders Leadership Roles All senior students are encouraged to show leadership within the College. Two Head…
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Chaplain At Carmel

Chaplain at Carmel My name is Rebekah McLeod and I am delighted to be appointed Chaplain at Carmel College! In this role I am available…
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Learning Support

Learning Support The Learning Support Team at Carmel College offer classroom and individual support to students who had been identified as having different learning needs.…
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Deans Director of International Students: Mrs S Roschmann Phone: (09)486 1132 ext 709 Fax: (09)486 2286
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Student Counselling

Student Counselling Carmel College Counselling Service is available for all students. Our two counsellors, Susan Murray and Carolyn Purdie are qualified counsellors registered with the…
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